Wiebo's War (Short Version)

Wiebo's War is a feature documentary that tells the story of a man's epic battle with the oil and gas industry. In the 1990s, natural gas wells were drilled near the home of Reverend Wiebo Ludwig and his clan in Alberta. Soon after, livestock began to die, and the Christian community started experiencing health problems, including a series of miscarriages. After 5 years of being ignored by the oil and gas industry, Ludwig decided to fight for his land and his family's survival.


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Générique du film

David York
David York
Bonnie Thompson
David York
Nick Hector
directeur de la photographie
Kirk Tougas
Jonathan Goldsmith
Bryn Hughes
Nick Hector
Downy Karvonen
David Best
montage son
Michael Bonini
mixeur du repiquage
Lou Solakofski
recherche visuelle
Judy Ruzylo
David Donahue
Ivan Verlaan

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