Voice of the Fugitive

In the 1850s, Canada meant freedom for many escaped slaves, but the route known as the "underground railroad" was a dangerous one at the best of times. This drama tells the story of one group travelling the perilous route. It tells, too, of the people who could be trusted to help, and of the trackers and their dogs, who could cut off the lifeline to the border suddenly and very cruelly.

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Générique du film

René Bonnière
Maxine Samuels
producteur exécutif
Roman Kroitor
John Kent Harrison
Eugene Boyko
Claude Delorme
Barrie Howells
montage sonore
John Knight
Michel Descombes
George Ashley
Taborah Johnson
Arleigh Peterson
Dennis Picaud
Chris Wiggins
Jim Bearden
Ruth Springford
Dwayne McLean
Tracey Connell
Delroy Lindo
Phyllis Marshall
Amah Harris
Jack Van Everra
Ken James

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    «Quite a good film, the only problem I had was the music, I found it way to upbeat for such a serious topic, especially right at the start of the film when they were being chased, I really found that music too upbeat, more like some great game they were all playing. » — Dante, 24 Mai 2013

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