The Silence - The Victims of Silence (Clip 3)

The Silence - The Victims of Silence (Clip 3)

| 7 min

Overarching Question: To what extent are survivors of sexual violence not the only victims of the silence surrounding the abuse committed by someone in a position of religious or social authority?

Summary: Victimization has repercussions not just for the primary victim, but also for their family and friends (indirect victims). Those who are close to the victim may be vicariously traumatized. In some cases, they may fear for their own safety. They may also fear the victim will die, feel distraught at the difficulties the victim has had to surmount or be distressed by the ordeal they have endured. Furthermore, they may experience the social consequences of victimization, especially if the matter goes high profile. These social consequences, which can include exclusion, bullying, a weakened network and loss of income, can span multiple generations (e.g., possible parallel with Indigenous communities).

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