Ski Bums

Ski Bums

This feature-length documentary by Oscar®-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky (Just Another Missing Kid) depicts the alternative ski bum lifestyle in Whistler, British Columbia. Following a group of extreme skiers and snowboarders, the film highlights the talents of Johnny Thrash, Red Eye Lisa, Crucial Mike, Napoleon, Punchy, Luddy and many others. Looking beyond the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll clichés, Ski Bums explores the seductive power of a life devoted to the mountains.

Ce film contient des scènes de nudité et/ou de sexualité. Pour public averti

Générique du film

John Zaritsky
Silva Basmajian
producteur exécutif
Louise Lore
Bruce Lange
Christian Bégin
Christian Bégin
Beat Steiner
caméra vidéo
Rolf Cutts
John Hunt
John Zaritsky
Troy Jungen
Holly Adams
Travis Tetreault
Mike Ace McKay Smith
Aaron O'Conor
Kari Jorgenson
Mike Barcellona
Johnny Amsterdam
Regan Moran
Kevin Banks
musique originale
Philip Strong
Laurel MacDonald
Jeff Henschel
Jonathan Ritchie
montage son
Alan Geldart
Serge Boivin
Andy Malcolm
Jeff Sterne

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  • staceyblue

    « I am looking to get a good copy of this moive . Ski bums is wonderful to me and my husband because crucial mike is know longer with us and we all miss him dearly he is my brotherlaw a uncle and a good harted man who will be truly missed » — staceyblue, 4 Mai 2014

  • howiesart

    «To all bums: Live your dreams & Love your life - ( qoute from Harmony BC 2003 )» — howiesart, 10 Mai 2012

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