SHAMELESS: The ART of Disability (Trailer)

SHAMELESS: The ART of Disability (Trailer)

Bonnie Sherr Klein
| 1 min
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Art and activism are the starting point for a funny and intimate portrait of five surprising individuals with diverse disabilities. Packed with humour and raw energy, this film follows the gang of five from B.C. to Nova Scotia as they create and present their own images of their disabilities.

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  • *
    Persimmon Blackbridge
    Catherine Frazee
    Geoff McMurchy
    David Roche
  • réalisateur
    Bonnie Sherr Klein
  • *
    Bonnie Sherr Klein
  • producteur
    Tracey Friesen
  • monteur
    Lara Mazur
  • prise de vues
    Kirk Tougas
  • *
    Veda Hille
    Jeff Henschel
  • supervision sonore
    Gael MacLean
  • recherche
    Corinna Hagel
  • participant
    Mac Blades
    Marlena Blavin
    Michael Klein
    Patricia Seeley
    Corey Fischer
    Charlene Curtiss
    JoAnne Petroff
    Alexina Louie
    Brenda Zabolotny
    Carolyn Novog
    Shawn Robinson
    Melanie Panitch
    Penny Schincariol
    Sara Hillis
    Erica Johnson
    Naomi Klein
    Zoe Klein-Johnson
    Avi Lewis
    Seth Klein
  • montage son
    Mark Hensley
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Mark Hensley
    Don Mann
  • producteur exécutif
    Rina Fraticelli