Rue de la victoire

Rue de la victoire

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Mohamed is a young Tunisian circus artist who has a rare passion for his art. In a post-revolution Tunisia, he feels misunderstood by his family and oppressed by a society that refuses to see his marginality. He decides to go into exile in France with his sidekicks Rafik and Fourat and the Cirque Farouche. The young Tunisian has trouble adapting to his new environment; memories of the abuse he suffered at the circus school still hound him and prevent him from concentrating on practising his specialty, the Cyr wheel. He perseveres and manages to perfect his number, ensuring the show’s success, but then decides to return to Tunisia, hoping to regain his family’s support. He resumes his old habits, reconnecting with friends, drinking and partying, which displeases his Muslim family who would like to see him lead a more sober life. By the end of his journey, Mohamed gains his independence and overcomes the obstacles in his life.

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  • réalisateur
    Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
  • producteur
    Catherine Chagnon
  • musique
    Peter Venne