Rainforest: The Limit of Splendour

Inspired by his relationship with a Kwaxkwaka'wakw elder, the filmmaker embarks upon a cinematic journey to an ancient rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Canada. Guided by passion and a determination to honour reality, Boyce travels to the most remote corner of Vancouver Island, through some of the most intensive logging on the planet, into a wilderness that is on the brink of extinction. Massive trees thrive along the banks of an ancient river floodplain providing for diverse like forms in the temperate rainforest. This film is an evocative journey, contrasting forestry as practised for ten thousand years by First Nations people with modern logging.


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Générique du film

Richard Boyce
Daniel Cross
Richard Boyce
directeur de la photographie
Richard Boyce
compositeur de la musique
Phil Dwyer
prise de son
Adam Bowick
Richard Boyce
Richard Boyce
Daniel Cross
Robin Dianoux
Ryan Mullins
montage son
Cory Rizos
mixeur du repiquage
Cory Rizos
Adam, Chief Dick
Jamie Noye
Tom, Chief Nelson
Richard Boyce
Phil Carson
Ryan Murphy
Sarah Duncan
Zoë Lindo
Mike Hayton
Cal Livingstone
Bill Andersen
Hayes Logging Crew
Steve Lorimier
Steve Pittner
IronSide Logging Crew

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