Project Nim

Project Nim

                                Project Nim
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From the Oscar-winning team behind Man on Wire comes the story of Nim, a chimpanzee who was the subject of an unprecedented and chaotic 1970's experiment which tried to bridge the gap between human and ape. Nim was raised as a member of a family in as if he were a human baby: cuddled, breastfed and taught sign language in a Manhattan brownstone. He grew from a sweet baby to a powerful chimp with fangs and huge strength. As he embodied his true nature, an animal's place in human society was faced. Nim's biography chronicles the impact of his connections with the people who came and went in his life. We discover not only the nature of Nim, but our own human nature, and what is revealed is by turns wonderful and disturbing.

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  • réalisateur
    James Marsh
  • producteur
    Simon Chinn

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