L.A. Theatre Works: Oedipus the King

L.A. Theatre Works: Oedipus the King

                                    L.A. Theatre Works: Oedipus the King
| 1 h 47 min
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This radio play from the L.A. Theatre Works series presents Oedipus the King, a play by Sophocles. One of the first and greatest of all Greek tragedies, Harry Lennix stars as Oedipus, the king who unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother. Recorded before a live audience at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, this recording also includes a Q & A session with translator and director Nicholas Rudall.

Recording top screen and stage actors in state of the art productions, L.A. Theatre Works transforms great works of theatre into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich plays. Its Audio Theatre Collection is the largest of its kind in the world.

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  • réalisateur
    Nicholas Rudall
  • producteur
    Susan Albert Loewenberg
  • auteur
  • acteur
    Francis Guinan
    Charles Kimbrough
    Harry J. Lennix
    Spencer Garrett
    Rod McLachlan
    Carolyn Seymour
    W. Morgan Sheppard