Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media

Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media

Mark Achbar et Peter Wintonick
| 2 h 47 min

In an energetic fusion of images and ideas, this two-volume video explores the political life and ideas of the controversial author, linguist and radical philosopher, Noam Chomsky. Highlighting Chomsky's analysis and criticisms of the media, Manufacturing Consent focuses on democratic societies where populations not disciplined by force are subjected to more subtle forms of ideological control. Shocking examples of media deception permeate Chomsky's critique of the forces at work behind the daily news.

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  • réalisateur
    Mark Achbar
    Peter Wintonick
  • producteur
    Mark Achbar
    Peter Wintonick
    Adam Symansky
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    Dennis Murphy
    Colin Neale
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    Francis Miquet
    Mark Achbar
    Barry Perles
    Norbert Bunge
    Ken Reeves
    Kip Durrin
    Bill Snider
    Savas Kalogeras
    Kirk Tougas
    Antonin Lhotsky
    Peter Wintonick
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    Katharine Assals
    Gary Marcuse
    Leigh Crisp
    Hans Oomes
    Jacques Drouin
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    Deanne Snyder
    Peter Wintonick
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    Peter Wintonick
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    Katharine Assals
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    Jean-Pierre Joutel
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    Joan Churchill
    Mark Achbar
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    Wendy Tilby
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    Carl Schultz