Hamlet (Trailer)

Hamlet (Trailer)

                                    Hamlet (Trailer)
| 5 min
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This radio play from the L.A. Theatre Works series presents William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Shakespeare's timeless story of revenge, corruption, and murder is considered one of the greatest works in the English language. Prince Hamlet sets out to avenge his beloved father's death at the hand of his uncle Claudius — but Hamlet's spiral into grief and madness will have permanent and immutable consequences for the Kingdom of Denmark.

Recording top screen and stage actors in state of the art productions, L.A. Theatre Works transforms great works of theatre into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich plays. Its Audio Theatre Collection is the largest of its kind in the world.

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  • réalisateur
    Martin Jarvis
  • producteur
    Susan Albert Loewenberg
  • auteur
    William Shakespeare
  • acteur
    Mark Capri
    Josh Clark
    Stephen Collins
    JD Cullum
    Stacy Keach
    Henri Lubatti
    Alan Mandell
    Jon Matthews
    Darren Richardson
    André Sogliuzzo
    Josh Stamberg
    Emily Swallow
    JoBeth Williams
    Matthew Wolf