Fists of Pride

In a boxing camp on the Thai-Burmese border, the children of mostly illegal migrant workers fleeing Burma live and train for prize fights. Fists of Pride follows Little Tiger and his fellow fighters as their Thai coaches prepare them for the annual Water Festival competition. The film reveals their daily struggles in a region where combat sports have always been a matter of honour and money. Bets are open, and as their hope of winning prize money grows, the young boxers contemplate what a victory could mean for them and their families.


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Générique du film

Hélène Choquette
Hélène Choquette
directeur de la photographie
Joël Provencher
Dominic Lessard
musique originale
Anthony Rozankovic
concepteur du son
Claude Beaugrand
Olivier Léger
Hélène Choquette
Daniel Bisson
Shaun-Nicholas Gallagher
Nicolas Gagnon
Luc Boudrias
Isabelle Fortier

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