L.A. Theatre Works: Dracula

This radio play from the L.A. Theatre Works series presents Bram Stoker's Dracula. In this blood-thirsty tale of unholy terror, Count Dracula slips into Victorian London with a cargo of his native Transylvanian soil - so he can rest between victims. The city seems helpless against his frightful power, and only one man, Dr. Van Helsing, can stop the carnage.

Recording top screen and stage actors in state of the art productions, L.A. Theatre Works transforms great works of theatre into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich plays. Its Audio Theatre Collection is the largest of its kind in the world.


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Générique du film

Rosalind Ayres
Susan Albert Loewenberg
Bram Stoker
Denise Carole
Sheelagh Cullen
John Glover
Karl Miller
Lisa O'Hare
Moira Quirk
David Selby
André Sogliuzzo
Simon Templeman
Nick Toren
Matthew Wolf

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