Discover Science: Episode 12 - Let's Play Long Billiards

In this episode of Discover Science, we observe the effects of colliding forces through a massive game of billiards. Professional billiard players hit the ball on one end to see if the ball on the other end will move. With more than 650 balls lined up over a length of 30 metres, will the first colliding ball influence the motion of the last? If so, how? The Discover Science series features spectacular experiments to sharpen your sense of science.

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Daiki Kuroki
Miki Mori
So Ichitani
Rania Jammal


  • elenaToronto

    «I was in the UK recently and they play with smaller billiard balls over there - - I wonder what would happen if this experiment was tried with those?» — elenaToronto, 19 Déc 2012

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