Dance of the Warrior

Dance of the Warrior

| 52 min

Dance of the Warrior journeys around the world to film over 20 dancers and dance troupes representing traditions from six continents, many with roots in antiquity-the Phyrric Dance from Greece, the Sword Dance from Croatia, the sacred dance of Shiva from India and from Africa, the classic Sofani from Guinea.

The stylized movements of martial arts are represented in the choreography of Kung-Fu and Karate, as well as Kobudo from Japan and Capoeira from Brazil. The precision of military drills is portrayed by soldiers from the Royal Canadian Regiment.

Sid' Ali, an Algerian-born, Paris-based artist, serves as our guide, painting the stories and experiences of the warrior dancers. This stunning film investigates the paradox inherent in all these rituals: that the "aggression" of these performances contributes to social and individual peace--a point well illustrated by a young hip-hop dancer from Paris who explains how this modern dance form has transformed his life.

Other key themes include art and politics, spiritual awakening and colonial relations with aboriginal cultures.

Some subtitles.

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  • participant
    Sid' Ali
    Louis Nikolopoulos
    Nicholas Arhontu
    Oumar N'Diyae
    Mohammed N'Diyae
    El Hadji Diouf
    Gabrielle Boudreau
    Luc Leblanc
    Jean Frenette
    Patrice Inkel
    Groupe Sainte-Cecilija de Korcula
    Steve Wilson
    Jeff McCarthy
    Jean-Eudes Lamontagne
    Dominique April
    Philbert Rugumira
    Claude Ambroise
    Georges Rodriguez
    Gary Crèvecoeur
    I Gede Arnaud
    Cécile Gordon
    Flint Eagle
    Aaron Hepi
    Mestre Beija Flôr
    Iffra Dia-Cortez
  • recherche
    Marie Brodeur
  • rédaction
    Marie Brodeur
  • réalisateur
    Marie Brodeur
  • montage
    Michel Giroux
  • directeur de la photographie
    Sylvestre Guidi
  • son
    Gilles Corbeil
    Stéphane Barsalou
  • musique originale
    Dominic Vallée
  • None
    Marie Brodeur
    Marie Brodeur
    Alain Cadieux
    Nadjia Vranjes
    Béatrice Bouttier
    Jacqueline Lussier
    Frédérick Belzile
    Eva Kyzirides
    Paula McKeown
    Pascale Malaterre
    Rosemary A. Rotondi
    Philip Szporer
    Alexis Pilon-Gladu
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Robert Vézina
    Yves Labelle
    Claude Ambroise
    Ralph Boncy
    Manon Forget
    Michael Greyeyes
    William H. McNeill
    Leonel J. Regimbal
    Dierdre Towers
    Carmelle Bégin
    Gabin Bonny
    Jean Frenette
    Sylvain Jetté
    Mamata Nyogi Nahkra
    Pierre Thibault
    Vincent Warren
    Caroline Hayeur
    Sylvain Latendresse
    Patrice Filion
    Florence François
    Julie Huguet
    Christian Medawar
  • traducteur
    Kathleen Fleming
  • narration
    Manuel Tadros
  • assistant réalisateur
    Alain Thériault
  • gérant de production
    France Guay
    Sophie Bensadoun
    George Bailey
    Bill MacKenzie
  • assistant de production
    Martine De Blois
    Jessy Boivin
    Arianne Dorval
    Pablo Diconca
    Sara Doré
    Thierry Niquel
  • chef électricien
    Robert Courtemanche
  • machiniste de plateau
    Lorne Dosogne
  • électricien
    Roger Martin
  • maquilleur
    Jacqueline Lussier
  • montage sonore
    Martin Pinsonnault
  • effets sonores
    Guy Francoeur
  • enregistrement voix
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • consultant pour narration
    Leonel J. Regimbal
    Jean Charlebois
    Wajdi Mouawad
  • traduction des sous-titres
    Claude Dionne
  • ré-enregistrement
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • titres
    Benoît Chagnon
  • effets visuels
    Benoît Chagnon
  • montage en ligne
    Denis Pilon
    Sylvain Desbiens
  • sous-titrage
    Denis Pilon
    Sylvain Desbiens
  • peintures
    Sid' Ali
  • administrateur
    Johanne Dubuc
  • coordonnateur technique
    Julie Morin
    France Couture
  • adjoint administratif
    Lise Lévesque
  • producteur
    André Gladu