Champions of the Wild: Costa Rican Monkeys

Champions of the Wild: Costa Rican Monkeys

| 23 min

Dr. Linda Fedigan's dramatic breakthroughs in our understanding of monkey behaviour have been driven since day one by a simple question: How and why do male and females live together in social groups? Since 1983 Fedigan has headed up a field site studying three species of monkey--capuchin, spider and howler--that call Costa Rica's Santa Rosa wildlife sanctuary home. In Costa Rican Monkeys we go along with Linda and her team of sleuths as they track the monkeys through the forest on their daily rounds. And we witness the drama of a battle for supremacy in one group of capuchin monkeys. Watching Fedigan's monkeys in action, it's easy to see how closely they are related to us--and how much we stand to lose if they aren't saved.

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  • réalisateur
    Christian Bruyère
  • producteur
    Christian Bruyère
  • producteur exécutif
    Michael Chechik
  • scénario
    Andrew Gardner
  • narration
    Andrew Gardner
  • participation
    Linda Fedigan