Canada at War, Part 13: The Clouded Dawn

Canada at War, Part 13: The Clouded Dawn

| 28 min

August 1945 - 1946. Japan surrenders. World War II is over, but the scars are deep. Canadian prisoners are released from Japanese war camps. In Canada, as elsewhere, the monumental task of rehabilitation begins. In Ottawa the Gouzenko case shocks the nation. The trials at Nürenberg begin. The United Nations is formed. Canada, now a much stronger, independent nation, enters the Cold War.

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    Stanley Clish
    Donald Brittain
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    Donald Brittain
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    It is a disgrace that you want me to pay $25 to see a film that I was shown in elementary school and that has been paid for many times over by Canadians in the last 50 years. Have you no shame?

    doninvictoria, 11 Jan 2012