Beef Inc.

A struggle for control of the world food market is waging, and the battle promises to escalate in the 21st century. Beef Inc. examines how a handful of companies have come to dominate beef production and distribution in North America.

As traditional farming falls victim to agri-business, small producers and consumers are paying the price. What has been a way of life for generations is now solely a money-making venture for big business. In the beef industry, a strategy of "intense livestock production" has been implemented to boost profit margins. Cattle are housed and fattened in overcrowded feed lots, a situation which exposes them to disease. To combat this, the animals are systematically vaccinated, given antibiotics and pumped with growth hormones. No regard is given to the potential health risks to consumers or the quality of the end product.

This film gives a voice to the independent cattle producer who, unable to compete with the corporations, find themselves being squeezed out of the industry. In French with English subtitles.


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Générique du film

German Gutierrez
German Gutierrez
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia
prise de vues
German Gutierrez
Martin Leclerc
André Dussault
Marcel Fraser
André Boisvert
Richard Lavoie
Daniel Guilbeault
montage image
Michel Grou
conception sonore
Lusse Cloutier
Bourbon Gautier
Luis de Cespedes
A.J. Henderson
Theoharis Standjofski
Frank Fontaine
Geoffrey Mitchell
Geoffrey Mitchell
Patrick Viegas
Patrick Viegas
Monique Vézina
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Jean-Jacques Élie
Carmen Garcia
Éric Michel

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