The Silence - Abusers in Organizational Settings (Clip 2)

The Silence - Abusers in Organizational Settings (Clip 2)

| 12 min

Overarching Question: How does someone who’s committed crimes of a sexual nature ensure the silence of both their community and organization in order to maintain their position of authority?

Summary: Abusers rarely act upon a whim: most of them know their victims. Indeed, fully 78% of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. Abusers choose their victims based on their knowledge of that person’s economic, social, family, educational and/or personal vulnerability. They typically target the individuals who are most at risk. They can also exploit their victim’s dreams, like Victor’s dream of becoming a professional hockey player. There are a great many myths about sexual assault in general, the most common of which need to be debunked. Abusers also know full well that their actions are likely to go unpunished, particularly if they enjoy a certain community standing.

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