A day-to-day record of the construction of the Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island to the mainland, Abegweit reveals some of the innovations that made this mammoth project one of the most impressive engineering feats in Canadian history.

The film also gives a voice to the people affected by the bridge--construction workers happy to have the work and proud to be part of the project, ferry employees sad about losing their jobs and their seagoing family, islanders whose lives will be forever changed by the fixed link, and fishermen worried about the impact it will have on the environment and their livelihood. It is a stunning meeting of technology, politics, high finance and intense emotions.

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Générique du film

Serge Morin
Serge Morin
Pierre Bernier
Diane Poitras
Marc Paulin
Georges Hannan
Fernand Bélanger
montage sonore
Fernand Bélanger
Claude Langlois
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Alex Madsen
Richard Gibson
Francine Blais
Peter Briden
Ralph Murray
Guy Cormier
Jim Feltham
Kim Gallant
Maurice Gallant
Joe Ghiz
Aldeene Giannelia
Alexis Giannelia
Paul Giannelia
Pat Hepditch
Betty Howatt
Hubert Jacquin
Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc
Maurice Levesque
Helena McDonald
Lyman Murray
Peggy Murray
Thomas Murray
Gary O'Hanley
Heather Parsons
Kevin Pytyck
George Read
Fernand Robichaud
Lorne Stevenson
Peter Strubel
Gilles Thériault
Randy Vallis

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