In addition to a comprehensive collection of films available for educational use—all easily searchable from our home page, NFB resources include: Campus, playlists, interactive productions, educational apps and study guides.

Accessible across various platforms, our resources are readily adapted to a range of classroom and community contexts. NFB resources are designed to facilitate teaching about important topics using NFB films.


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    Search our extensive collection by title, subject, director or grade level. Use search options for information on closed captioning and in-depth production details.

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    Download the NFB Education Catalogue for the full range of resources and information on new releases.


    Digital media is transforming the way we learn. Flub and Utter and the Emmy-winning Out My Window are among a growing collection of NFB interactive productions that investigate current issues while nurturing digital literacy.


    Learning is fun with educational apps like PixStop and TheLoxleys and the War of 1812, which have been custom designed for use on mobile devices and for in-class use.


    Study guides are available for thousands of our educational titles. They help educators make the most of our films, apps and interactive productions in classroom settings.

  • Learning Bundles

    Our in-depth learning bundles are filled with NFB films, educational guides and partner resources. They’re a fantastic addition to your lesson plan or learning unit. You can search by theme, subject and age level. Plus, you can pick and choose exactly what you need. Films, clips, guides, articles, images, even sound recordings are all at your fingertips.