Winter Crossing at L'Isle-Aux-Coudres

Winter Crossing at L'Isle-Aux-Coudres

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On an island the road ends where it begins, at the wharf. The wharf is the link to the rest of the world, until winter cuts it off. But the islanders know the winter sea and its movements. They judge the ice by its colours, avoiding the open channels, fighting through the slushy fragil ice, catching their footing on the chunk ice, and running all-out across the solid ice to the North Shore.

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  • réalisateur
    René Bonnière
    Pierre Perrault
  • scénario
    Pierre Perrault
  • commentaire
    Judith Crawley
  • caméra
    Stanley Brede
  • son
    David Howells
  • montage sonore
    Paul Harris
  • narrateur
    Donald Davis