Waterlife (Trailer)

Waterlife (Trailer)

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Waterlife is a documentary film about the Great Lakes that follows the flow of the lakes' water from the Nipigon River to the Atlantic Ocean. The film's goal is to take viewers on a tour of an incredibly beautiful ecosystem that is facing complex challenges.

Also, check out the Waterlife interactive web project.

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  • DougW

    Liked the film but on drinking water it dropped the ball as far as education content and just spread fear and misinformation. To state that bottled water is just tap water with a bit of filtration is complete misinformation. Nanofiltration ( which itself would remove almost all large organic chemicals) followed by reverse osmosis which would remove 99.9% of everything including dissolved salts. So ultra trace chemicals would become non detectable. The next time drinking water was discussed the stated ultra trace amounts have been detected but then goes on to list a raft of human diseases but show no link or evidence to any of them. If there was a higher level in the great lakes basin that would at be cause for concern.

    DougW, 6 Sep 2015