Wards of the Crown

Wards of the Crown

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This film examines the lives of 4 young people who grew up in the child welfare system. It is also a critical exposé of a system that couldn't meet their needs, as well as a stirring tribute to the strength, courage and resilience of these foster kids.

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    Andrée Cazabon
  • réalisateur
    Andrée Cazabon
  • directeur de la photographie
    Karl Roeder
    Mike Tien
  • caméraman
    Peter Warren
  • *
    Frédéric Edwards
    Chris Inwood
    Chris Newton
    Simon Paine
    Jerry Turchyn
  • monteur
    Richard Millen
    Michel Maltais
  • montage son
    Wayne Bartlett
  • *
    David Burns
  • recherche
    Andrée Cazabon
  • narrateur
    Andrée Cazabon
  • producteur exécutif
    Robert Charbonneau
  • producteur
    Robert Charbonneau
    Claudette Jaiko

  • s2mcleod

    Silencing - arresting - and a scathing indictment against continued contradictions and persistent oppression's in Child Welfare. We must do better. Cazabon and NFB privileged the lived experience and in so doing raise the consciousness of all of us who remain complicit historically and currently.

    s2mcleod, 27 Oct 2016
  • LeahaSchultz

    Thank you to everyone who has supported this film.. Wards of the crown was a very emotional documentary to be apart of but i am glad i got the chance to participate.

    LeahaSchultz, 22 Jan 2014