Wapos Bay: Guardians

Wapos Bay: Guardians

                                    Wapos Bay: Guardians
| 23 min

In this episode from the Wapos Bay series, T-Bear, Talon, Jacob and Mushom think they have videotaped a Bigfoot around Wapos Bay. Jacob and T-Bear try to sell the footage for 6 million dollars to Steve from Austin, Texas (Lee Majors), who works for the O.S.I. (Observation of Sasquatch Institute). Raven learns about sharing with her mother, Sarah, and grandmother, Kohkum, while picking berries for the elders of the community.

Wapos Bay is a stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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  • voix
    Gordon Tootoosis
    Taylor Cook
    Eric Jackson
    Raven Brass
    Lorne Cardinal
    Andrea Menard
    Lee Majors
    Trevor Cameron
    Joseph Naytowhow
    Tyrone Tootoosis
    Delvin Kanewiyakiho
    Jody Peters
    Danny Grummett
  • compositeur de la musique
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • monteur
    Jennifer Prokop
  • directeur de la photographie
    Alan Poon
  • producteur
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
    Anand Ramayya
    Derek Mazur
  • *
    Dennis Jackson
  • réalisateur
    Dennis Jackson
  • producteur exécutif
    Derek Mazur
  • chef scénariste
    Dennis Jackson
  • supervision de l'animation
    Cam Lizotte
  • animateur principal
    Andrew Doll
  • *
    Diana Gossner
    Gilbert Baldhead
    Stacy Kulyk
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
    Justin Scales
    Diana Savage
  • design des personnages
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
  • *
    Amalie Atkins
    Daryl Pierce
    Randy Woods
  • effets sonores
    Daryl Pierce
    Randy Woods
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Evan Rust