Wapos Bay: A Time to Learn

In episode 5 from the Wapos Bay series, missing sled dogs and a pile of homework are just a few of the things Talon has to deal with before setting out for the trapline with his father, Alphonse. Talon can't wait to go away for a week but the exciting trip means lots of extra responsibility. He has to complete the schoolwork he'll miss before leaving. While Talon struggles with a creative writing assignment, T-Bear and his grandfather Mushom have trouble with the dog team. T-Bear incorrectly ties the dogs up and they escape. In this episode, intense preparations and avoidable mishaps teach the children the importance of listening to elders and taking care with everything you do.

Wapos Bay is a Gemini Award-winning stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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Générique du film

Dennis Jackson
Jennifer Prokop
compositeur de la musique
Ross Nykiforuk
directeur de la photographie
Paul Suderman
Dennis Jackson
Melanie Jackson
Anand Ramayya
Derek Mazur
Dennis Jackson
Gordon Tootoosis
Eric Jackson
Taylor Cook
Raven Brass
Andrea Menard
Lorne Cardinal
Jody Peters
chef scénariste
Dennis Jackson
Jordan Wheeler
supervision de l'animation
Cam Lizotte
Gilbert Baldhead
Andrew Doll
Diana Gossner
Carll Machiskinic
Kelly Morrison
Bentley Poochay
Amber Rees-Yaworski
Justin Scales
Jordan Yaworski
design des personnages
Carll Machiskinic
Bentley Poochay
conception visuelle
Gloria Stefanson
Jean-Marie Michaud
Cam Lizotte
conception des costumes
Joan Sinclair
Gloria Stefanson
Amy Stefanson
Daryl Pierce
Randy Woods
effets sonores
Daryl Pierce
Randy Woods
mixeur du repiquage
Evan Rust

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