Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit

Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit

                                    Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit
| 14 min

When unexpected illness lands Uncle Bob in the hospital, he's transported from his safe and familiar surroundings to a foreign and chaotic new world. As his stay lengthens, his spirits and health decline until his former life is just a distant memory. It takes a special visit from a special visitor to motivate him to get well. This animated short is a charming look at the importance of cheer, hope and love in the healing process.

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    JoDee Samuelson
    JoDee Samuelson
  • réalisateur
    JoDee Samuelson
  • producteur
    Kent Martin
  • narration
    Stan Carew
  • conception sonore
    Normand Roger
  • musique
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • voix
    Rob MacLean
    Laurel Smyth
  • mixage
    Jean Paul Vialard
    Shelley Craig
  • enregistrement sonore
    Alexander Rosborough
    David B. Ward

  • trying

    This is a truly touching film.

    trying, 20 Fév 2010