Totem: Return and Renewal

In his 2003 NFB film Totem: the Return of the G'psgolox Pole, filmmaker Gil Cardinal documented the struggle of the Haisla people of British Columbia to recover a traditional mortuary totem pole. This half-hour documentary follows the events of the final journey of the G'psgolox Pole as it returns home to Kitamaat and the Haisla people.

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Gil Cardinal
Gil Cardinal
Gil Cardinal
Michel Lalonde
Daron Donahue
Stan Jackson
Don Howell
Nathan Berry
musique originale
Clode Hamelin
montage son
Jerry Krepakevich
Bonnie Thompson
producteur exécutif
Derek Mazur


  • deepveda

    «Deeply moved by this wonderful story! It gives one a sense of hope, afterall! Greetings from Sweden» — deepveda, 16 Oct 2015

  • haislaboi87

    «YOWTZ! Im Haisla! This is awesome!» — haislaboi87, 28 Déc 2014

  • yuallthetime

    «Thank you Gil for this sensitive and moving story for all first nations people in north America and around the world of restoration of culture and reconciliation between all people groups.» — yuallthetime, 23 Jan 2010

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