This Riel Business

This Riel Business

This documentary short is a cinematic recording of Tales from a Prairie Drifter, a stage comedy about the Northwest Rebellion during the opening of the Canadian West. Highlighting the roles of Louis Riel, the rebel leader, prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald and General Middleton, who was sent to quell the uprising, the play defines the Indian and Métis cause more succinctly than many history books. Here, the play is performed by the Regina Globe Theatre before an audience of Indians and Métis, whose reactions are recorded.

Générique du film

Ian McLaren
Ian McLaren
producteur exécutif
John N. Smith
Douglas Kiefer
Joseph Champagne
Bruce Mackay
Bruce Mackay
montage sonore
Bill Graziadei
Jean-Pierre Joutel

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  • cyelland

    «Great clip, my great grandfather was in the marching military, his metal is on display at Batoche.» — cyelland, 27 Fév 2012

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