The Cat Came Back

This hilarious Oscar®-nominated animation is based on the century-old folk song of the same name. Old Mr. Johnson makes increasingly manic attempts to rid himself of a little yellow cat that just won't stay away... Also won the 1989 Genie Award for best animated short film.

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Cordell Barker
Cordell Barker
Cordell Barker
Richard Condie
Cordell Barker
producteur exécutif
Ches Yetman
caméra d'animation
Lorne Bailey
John McCulloch
Ed Ledson
Richard Condie
Cordell Barker
montage sonore
Ken Rodeck
Richard Condie
Clive Perry
John McCulloch


  • Picciottop

    «I loved it .I will very happy to watch them again ,many times .I loved every one of them .» — Picciottop, 21 Oct 2012

  • Derezo

    «This short is great, it took me right back to my childhood. My nieces enjoyed it, too.» — Derezo, 13 Oct 2012

  • Julayla

    «One of the best shorts ever. I have loved it ever since I was a kid and I'm from the US myself. I applaud to the people behind this humorous short.» — Julayla, 26 Avr 2012

  • cartoonfan

    «You can be in the worse mood in the world, take a minute watch one of these, especially this one, the smiles just keep on coming. Thanks for the smiles and laughs!» — cartoonfan, 6 Nov 2011

  • Melaniexx

    «I'm on the same page as you AdrianGould. It might not have been 22 years for me, but I'm going to say at least 10. The cat came back, the very next dayyyy. » — Melaniexx, 3 Fév 2011

  • AdrianGould

    «Ah joy - it's been 22 years since I last saw this, and the storyline and tune were still in my head. Now, there are not many shorts you can say THAT about! I hope this is required viewing on animation courses.» — AdrianGould, 27 Aoû 2010

  • Rob Mayol

    «I've been watching it regularly since many years. Can't get enough, this is pure genius. Make sure to watch Cordell Baker's masterclass as well here on nfb!» — Rob Mayol, 19 Jan 2010

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