Taking Stock

It was a way of life. It was the backbone of a society. And then the cod fishery off the east coast of Newfoundland collapsed. Taking Stock traces the history leading up to the crisis and the calling for a moratorium of the northwest Atlantic cod fishery. It presents the key players in this complex and tragic story, focusing on those who are now trying to come to grips with an uncertain future. How did the calamity happen? What signals did we ignore? Did we chose the right model in setting up an industry? Ultimately, Taking Stock holds a message for the Canadian as well as the global community: In trying to attain economic success, we must recognize that there are limits to how far we can exploit nature's delicate ecosystems.

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Nigel Markham
Mike Mahoney
producteur exécutif
Marilyn A. Belec
Bob Lower
Kent Nason
Mike Mahoney
Georges Dufaux
Alex Salter
Don Ellis
Jim Rillie
Jane Porter
John Kramer
Nigel Markham
montage sonore
Alex Salter
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Chris Brookes
Don Wherry
Wallace Hammond
George Langdon


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