Tagged: Privacy as a commodity

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Tagged introduces us to the raging debate over the ubiquitous Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, touted as a tool with invaluable medical applications by its supporters and denounced as the death knell for civil liberties by privacy advocates. This playfully smart short doc lets the audience decide: Is it “hip to be chipped,” as a proposed marketing slogan claimed, or could RFID implants accelerate a slide down the slippery slope from surveillance society to totalitarian nightmare?

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    Mike Gallay
  • réalisateur
    Mike Gallay
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    Mike Gallay
    Lea Marin
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    Silva Basmajian
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    Chris Mably
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    Jim Guthrie
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    Mike Gallay
    Devinder Paul Singh
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    Chris Mably
    Mike Gallay
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    Scott Bell
    Stephen Cabana
    Steve Dranitsaris
    Mike Gallay
    Jason Milligan
    Mark Stepanek
    Richard Taylor