Street Musique

Animator Ryan Larkin does a visual improvisation to music performed by a popular group presented as sidewalk entertainers. His take-off point is the music, but his own beat is more boisterous than that of the musicians. The illustrations range from convoluted abstractions to caricatures of familiar rituals. Without words.

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Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Pierre Provost
Cameron Gaul
Simon Leblanc
Roland Newton
Rick Scott
Dick Tarnoff
Rick Stone
Rick Watson
Jim Colby
Jon Van Arsdell


  • Flickout

    «I've seen hundreds and hundreds of short films, including many Academy Award winners and most of the best of the NFB collection, and Street Musique still remains solidly in my top five favorites. It's both sad and ironic that the genius within Ryan is what gave rise to the demons that plagued him - I'm sure that there were films in his head that never made it to celluloid and the world is the poorer because of that. Rather than speculate and lament, though, I'd prefer to simply sit back and spend a few minutes watching Street Musique again...and again...and again... Thank you, Ryan, and RIP.» — Flickout, 31 Jul 2014

  • RussP

    «You either have to be insane, or a genius to create smemthing like this. In his case, a bit of both.» — RussP, 3 Nov 2010

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