Stories We Tell (Trailer)

Stories We Tell (Trailer)

                                    Stories We Tell (Trailer)
| 2 min
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This feature documentary is an inspired, genre-twisting film directed by Oscar®-nominee Sarah Polley and produced by Anita Lee for the NFB. Polley's playful investigation into the elusive truth buried within the contradictions of a family of storytellers paints a touching and intriguing portrait of a complex network of relatives, friends, and strangers.

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  • SamJovana

    Sarah Polley is the biggest farce right now on film world.

    SamJovana, 8 Jan 2015
  • ravsin

    What a brilliant film! It's a wonderful tribute to Diana Polley and a raw portrayal of the reality of mixed families and the impact that has on children, families and friends. The film captures the zeitgeist of the 70s in terms of family dynamics and mixed familyhood. It is both poignant and funny, intriguing and simple at the same time. The music is great, the cinematography is wonderful with an artful blending of old clips, photographs, and interviews. I have two favourite moments but not to provide a spoiler, the second is the silent responses. I knew this family as a child and went to school with two of the siblings so it has been particularly fascinating to see more intimate details of their lives and experiences at that time; it completes the snippets of awareness that I had. Really well done and thoroughly enjoyable!

    ravsin, 15 Jui 2014
  • jgoforth

    Thank you for making Sarah Polley's latest film available. The humour, pain, and fragility, and resilience of life ring true. -Tara May 27 2013

    jgoforth, 28 Mai 2013
  • MelBennett

    When will this film be available to watch?

    MelBennett, 6 Mar 2013
  • MelBennett

    Does anyone know when this movie will be available to watch online? I wasn't able to catch it in the theatre and was ecstatic that NFB will be making it available.

    MelBennett, 6 Mar 2013
  • holysnappers

    Prior to watching the trailer of "Stories We Tell", I watched an interview of Sarah Polley, discussing this film. She was lovely, as she answered the interviewers questions concerning this movie. Sarah voiced a concern she had during the making of Stories We Tell. She was concerned that this film would not be interesting enough for an audience. Well, I am looking forward to watching this movie!! When is the release date? Where will I be able to see it in the United States? This movie was made by a gifted young woman. The trailer was wonderfully edited!! What a tease it was! Just as trailers are meant to be. Leaving you wanting more!!

    holysnappers, 11 Jan 2013
  • mavo

    I am so excited that this is going to be available through NFB. Sarah Polley is a very gifted actress and director and living in the hinterland as I do, it has not been possible to see this film.

    mavo, 3 Jan 2013