Round Up

This short film traces Pete Standing Alone's personal journey from cultural alienation to pride and belonging. As a spiritual elder, teacher and community leader of the Blood Indians of Southern Alberta, Pete works with youth to repair the cultural and spiritual destruction wrought by residential schools. At age 81, he has come full-circle in his dedication to preserving the traditional ways of his people.

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Narcisse Blood
Gil Cardinal
Gil Cardinal
Brenda Teming
prise de vues
Dennis Southgate
Daron Donahue
Rick Tailfeathers
Per Asplund
Stan Jackson
producteur exécutif
David Christensen


  • stressor

    «I just finished watching 'Roundup' and the dialogue was mainly in English. At a critical time in preserving many native languages it would have been noteworthy for Pete Standing Alone and Narcisse Blood to speak in their native tongue Blackfoot and the documentary be with English subtitles. The language helps keep us distinct and it certainly embraces as a source of pride.» — stressor, 30 Jui 2011

  • Kevin

    «A good film that reminds me of the racism that still exists. First Nations should be proud of their heritage and wary of foreign ideas. I hope they can avoid assimilation. Pete Standing Alone deserves admiration based on this presentation.» — Kevin, 26 Jui 2011

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