Robert Lepage

Director J. Peter Allen borrows a page from Robert Lepage's favourite creative mediums (film and stage) to fashion a subtly shifting view of the famed director, playwright, actor and filmmaker. For Lepage, every production begins with a sense of exploration and discovery, whether it's an intimate one-man show, or a re-staging of Wagner's epic Ring Cycle. Lepage's work marries technology with ritual and magic with cutting-edge effects to completely reinvent theatrical space. This film was produced for the 2009 Governor General's Performing Arts Award.

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Jeremy Peter Allen
Jacques Turgeon
producteur exécutif
Jacques Turgeon


  • bxo

    «I really like Lepage, especially the works with my favourite dancer Sylvie Guillem. Love them.» — bxo, 31 Déc 2010

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