Radiant City

In this feature length film Gary Burns, Canada's king of surreal comedy, joins journalist Jim Brown on an outing to the suburbs. Venturing into territory both familiar and foreign, they turn the documentary genre inside out, crafting a vivid account of life in The Late Suburban Age.


Gary Burns
Jim Brown
Gary Burns
Jim Brown
Shirley Vercruysse
Bonnie Thompson
prise de vues
Patrick McLaughlin
Jonathan Baltrusaitis
Joey Santiago
Daniel Jeffery
Bob Legare
Jane MacFarlane
Ashleigh Fidyk
Curt McKinstry
Karen Jeffery
Michaela Jeffery
Amanda Guenther
Hong Cheng
Kyle Grant
Austin Penny
Cayla Wolever
Aaron Elekes
Delphine Brooker
Stirling Karlsen
Chantal Perron
Keith White
Natasha Girgis
Oliver Westhall
Mina Simi
Doris Latrielle
Heather Fidyk
Darren Fidyk
Ken Greenberg
James Howard Kunstler
Mark Kingwell
Joseph Heath
Peggy Scott
Marc Boutin
Andrés Duany
Bev Sandalack
conception visuelle
John Sherrington
Caroline Dehner
Caroline Dehner
Igal Petel
superviseur du montage sonore
Patrick Butler
montage son
Bennett Suba
Ryan Schriml
Cal Harle
mixeur du repiquage
Patrick Butler
Bennett Suba
Andrea Marantz
Caroline Mouris
Frank Mouris
producteur exécutif
Jerry McIntosh
Carl Karp
Graydon McCrea


  • jdiz

    «An interesting look at the compartmentalization and placelessness of suburban society, while it begs the viewer to think about the meaning and representation of community. » — jdiz, 18 Jul 2013

  • pierrebonho

    «Truly depressing ...and brilliant.» — pierrebonho, 16 Avr 2011

  • Oranine

    «Un bijou! » — Oranine, 6 Avr 2011

  • Shawn

    «I was surprised to learn that some sequences were shot in Oakville. I thought they were all from the Calgary burbs. But then, that's the point of the film: how Suburbia is all interchangeable...» — Shawn, 31 Mar 2011

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