Pour la suite du monde (English Version)

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  • 105 min 47 s

This feature-length documentary is the unrehearsed story of what happened when old-timers from Île-aux-Coudres, a small island in the St. Lawrence River, were persuaded to revive a local whale-catching practice. Through the magic of words and the mystery of the catch, the film uncovers a spirituality rooted in the moon and the rhythm of the tides. More than a documentary, it is a fresco of the myths and legends among the traditional fishing communities of Quebec. In French with English subtitles.

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  • nlartist

    «Great documentary, I saw this film when visiting the water mill and windmill on Ile au Coudres.» — nlartist, 24 Déc 2011

  • BenB

    «Wow, I'm surprised that nobody has reviewed this film yet! This is a beautifully made film in the tradition of Direct Cinema. Michel Brault's handheld camerawork allows us spectators to get right in with the inhabitants of Ile-aux-coudres and satisfy the aims of Pierre Perrault to experience a "cinéma vécu." I'm an anglophone who has lived in Montreal all of my life, and it took until I began studying film in University to even notice the Quebec film industry. I realize that my ignorance was due to the lack of exposure to films like this. Filmmaking aside, "Pour la suite du monde," allows us to experience not only an intimate look at the lives of Quebecois people, but a culture often forgotten due to its size and its placement outside the mainland of Canada. We hear tales told by the islanders in their own dialects, as well as experience (as the plot entails) the revival of an old, local tradition learned hundreds of years earlier by the First Nations people of Quebec. Before this film, most people forgot or simply did not know of a French-Canadian presence in Canada. After influencing so many other Quebec films, I'm sure that that will never be the case again.» — BenB, 23 Mar 2011

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