People of the Ice

This feature documentary explores the threats of global warming to the Arctic environment that has nurtured the Inuit for 4,000 years. The Inuit have lived in harmony on this frozen landscape for generations. Today, global warming threatens their habitat. As the ice disappears, so does the Inuit culture it is intimately connected to. Ever-changing temperatures have even made predicting the Arctic climate difficult. Will this extraordinarily resilient people be able to adjust to such dramatic change?

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Carlos Ferrand
Carlos Ferrand
Jean Lemire
directeur de la photographie
Carlos Ferrand
Carlos Ferrand
Dominic Dorval
Hubert Macé de Gastines
Juan Gutiérrez
Marie-Claude Gagné
Serge Boivin
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Dominique Sicotte
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Ganesh Anandan
Meeka Mike
Joshua Kango
Jamese Mike
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
Namomai Ashoona
Qovianatoliaq Tapaungai
David Suzuki
Tyrone Benskin
Walter Massey
Hubert Fielden
Philip Pretten
A.J. Henderson
Howard Ryshpan
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Marie-Claude Gagné
Anton Fischlin
Norman Hallendy
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Clovis Gouaillier
Jean Lemire
Pascale Bilodeau
Virginie Millière
Catherine Giroul
Sara Marino
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Sally Bochner
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Jean Lemire
Éric Michel
Colette Loumède
Stéphane Millière


  • merlinsdreams

    «A wonderful film. There is so much we can learn from these people; this documentary is an educational gem! It would be tragic for all us us if climate change resulted in the loss of such cultures as well as a pristine environment. I live in Manchester, England and the landscape depicted in this film is just breath taking! I have never seen a night sky as beautiful as those shown in this film - it makes me realise that here lies the problem - we are just so disconnected from something greater than ourselves; that we are a part of something majestic as the cosmos and not the be all and end all of life on Earth. I just wish that I could ask the populations of all the cities to watch this film - and learn from these people!» — merlinsdreams, 28 Aoû 2014

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