Panoramic Chronicle

Panoramic Chronicle

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Ride the commuter train with this animated short that questions what goes on it the hearts of minds of the train's silent passengers. Filmmakers Lewis Trondheim and Jean Matthieu Tanguy take a common, humdrum experience and turn it into a captivating journey tinged with some delicious, deadpan humour.

This film is part of the Comic Strip Chronicles, a collection of shorts celebrating the strong affinity between comic strips and animated film. Inspired by moments of everyday life, these films showcase the playful imaginations of renowned artists Guy Delisle, Zviane, Aude Picault, Lewis Trondheim, and Jean Matthieu Tanguy. Produced by the NFB, Canal+, and Sacrebleu.

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  • réalisateur
    Lewis Trondheim
    Jean-Matthieu Tanguy
  • writer
    Lewis Trondheim
  • voix
    Jim Corcoran
  • animation
    Jean-Matthieu Tanguy
  • conception sonore
    Lionel Guenoun
  • direction technique
    Pierre Plouffe
  • producteur
    Julie Roy
    Marc Bertrand
    Ron Dyens