Shining Mountains - Once and Future Wild

This documentary from the Shining Mountains series focuses on solutions to the conservation issues facing the Rockies. There, business, government and local residents are getting political and joining forces to ensure that the grizzly, the wolf and the caribou remain at home on their range. The film highlights a coalition known as 'Y2Y' - the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative - whose aim to connect wildlife corridors through half a million square miles, with participation from industry stakeholders. From visits with old-time mountain man Andy Russell, to a Kaska-Dene youngster heading out on his first moose hunt, Clarkson takes heart in the wisdom of those who know best what it means to live in harmony with Nature.

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Guy Clarkson
Guy Clarkson
producteur exécutif
Michael Kot
Graydon McCrea
Bonnie Thompson
Guy Clarkson
René J. Collins
Glen Crawford
Bob Landis
Patrick Morrow
Douglas Munro
Art Raham
Roger Vernon
A.J. Vesak
Paul Mortimer
Bruce Leitl
Guy Clarkson
P.J. Reece
Margot McMaster
Larry MacDonald
Mike Myrden
Igal Petel
Richard Hertle
Louise Overy
Pierre Landry
Gaspard Gaudreau
Bonnie Hamilton
Robert Sandford
Holly Quan
Jon Whelan
Douglas Chadwick
Wayne Choquette
Mike Demuth
Ted Hart
Kim Heinemeyer
Harvey Locke
Brian Luckman
Marty Magne
Dan McCarthy
Brian Patton
Stephen Pyne
Brian Reeves
Robert Sandford
David Schindler
Douglas Smith
Henry, Jr. Vaux
superviseur du montage sonore
Patrick Butler
André Gagnon
montage son
Bennett Suba
Cory Gray
Bennett Suba
Cory Gray
mixeur du repiquage
Patrick Butler
Cory Gray
Luc Léger


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