NFB 70 Years

NFB 70 Years

As clever and sly as any good commercial, NFB 70 Years is the work of a filmmaker in full control of his medium and his message. With humour and self-deprecation – and not a whiff of complacency – Jean-François Pouliot smartly deconstructs the backward-looking perception often attributed to films from the National Film Board. Even the way the film is made pays homage to the filmmaking techniques that have earned Canada's public film producer and distributor its enviable reputation. This artful and skilfully produced mix of genres effectively borrows from direct cinema and flirts with virtuoso animation techniques. With its funny and clever direction, tight yet ingeniously wild and furious editing, brilliantly juxtaposed sequences with powerful relevance to the present, this film confirms the essential role of the NFB within the social fabric of Canada and the world.

Générique du film

Jean-François Pouliot
Yves Chaput
Normand Roger
Denis Chartrand
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Sylvia Mezei
recherche de documents d'archives
Albert Ohayon
Marc St-Pierre
Katherine Kasirer
Carol Faucher
directeur de l'animation
Munro Ferguson
Claire Blanchet
David Seitz
Denis Roy
spécialiste en imagerie numérique
Pierre Plouffe
Daniel Vincelette
ingénieur du son
Gilles Corbeil
Denis Parent
Carrie Haber
Anne Sirois
Julie Laferrière
Norman Roy
Luc Léger
Serge Boivin
producteur exécutif
René Chénier
René Chénier

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