My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers

This feature documentary is a thoughtful contribution to the debate on Canada's seal hunt. An exploration of the unique culture of Newfoundland's outports, the film revisits the PR coup that launched the animal rights movement onto the international stage: the 1977 Newfoundland visit, orchestrated by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, of French actress turned animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot to protest the area's ancestral sealing activities. Soon, inhabitants of the island's northern outports we're being introduced to the world as the epitome of brutality.

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Anne Troake
Anne Troake
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Chris Darlington
Harvey Hyslop
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Harvey Hyslop
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Anne Troake
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    «My names Morgan Troke and I want to get in contact with Anne Troake to ask her some questions about my ancestors and family history to do a research project for my History class. If someone on the website could reply to my comment with any information, it would be greatly appreciated. » — morgantroke, 1 Nov 2014

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