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A particularly creative example of the pinscreen animation technique, this film is about an artist who steps inside his painting and wanders about in a landscape peopled with symbols that trigger unexpected associations. Film without words.

Special Jury Award 1976

Albert Ohayon
De la sélection : Ottawa International Animation Festival Award Winners

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  • réalisateur
    Jacques Drouin
  • montage
    Jacques Drouin
  • animation
    Jacques Drouin
  • producteur
    Gaston Sarault
  • son
    Roger Lamoureux
    Michel Descombes
  • musique
    Denis Larochelle

  • SkyDavid

    I remember the many times that I viewed this magnificent animation during the 1980's. MINDSCAPE stood out as one of the greatest animations from the Film Board and is still a standout today in 2012. I knew Alexeieff and Parker while they were alive and got to do some experimentation on the Pin Screen that he made in Cambridge, MA while in the United States to escape the Nazi occupation of Paris. He went back to Paris and left it with his daughter Svetlana who became my friend in the 1980's while I taught animation at Harvard.

    SkyDavid, 4 Jul 2012
  • Felipe_Carrelli

    Fantastic! substancial ending!

    Felipe_Carrelli, 9 Déc 2011