Max Ward

This documentary tells the story of Max Ward, a former bush pilot whose company grew to become one of the major airlines in Canada. A study of entrepreneurship, the film focuses on Ward himself, depicting his distinctive style of hands-on management. Between hallway meetings, informal chats with the staff, checks on maintenance, flight preparations and in-flight conversations with vacationing customers it becomes apparent that the president's personal touch is a key element in Wardair’s success story.

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William Canning
Mark Zannis
producteur exécutif
Barrie Howells
Tony Ianzelo
Jacques Drouin
Roger Hart
montage sonore
Michel B. Bordeleau
Richard Gilbert


  • hollywood55

    «This is a fantastic story of Max and his accomplishments of setting the standard of Canadian holiday passenger travel. The governmental battles he fought to deregulate a monopoly driven system. The stupidity of the controls and issues forced upon Him and his Business . A true pioneer in Canadian aviation history. I met Mr. Ward many times at functions for his employee's at Christmas, truly a wonderful person and dedicated to his work. I wish him well . thanking you in advance David Federico » — hollywood55, 6 Déc 2012


    «Fantastic Film and could you imagine if Max Ward would have remained as Ward Air and compete in today's competitive aviation commercial business.» — SPIRITOFTHECRIB, 24 Avr 2012

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