Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows

Set against a background of her paintings and the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, landscapes they depict, this short documentary is a portrait of the life and work of one of Canada's foremost primitive painters, Maud Lewis. Emerging from her youth crippled with arthritis, Lewis escaped into her painting at the age of 30. She had never seen a work of art and had never attended an art class but her paintings captured the simple strength, beauty and happiness of the world she saw - a world without shadows.

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Diane Beaudry
Diane Beaudry
producteur exécutif
Kathleen Shannon
Barry Cowling
Blake James
Kent Nason
caméra d'animation
Simon Leblanc
Patricia Kipping
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Niki Lipman
Barry Cowling
Paul Mason



    «What a beautiful fill. It captures her life story so well. Maud is my great grandmother. Thank you for doing such a wonderful life story on such an amazing artist. » — TBENOIT04, 12 Mai 2014

  • «Her colours are bright, no wonder her works are so collectible.» —, 6 Avr 2011

  • «Her colours are bright, no wonder her works are so collectible.» —, 6 Avr 2011

  • Ginny

    «I loved the Maud Lewis film! You have really caught her spirit. She has always been a heroine of mine to do such delightful art inspite of her crippleing arthritis. I am an artist too in Ontario and now I have arthritis and she gives me courage to carry on! Thank you!» — Ginny, 6 Avr 2011

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