Martha of the North (Short Version)

Martha was only 5 when she and her parents were lured away from their Inuit village. Along with a handful of other families, they were moved to Canada’s most northerly island, Ellesmere, to ensure Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. They were told that game would be plentiful and life would be easy. Instead, they discovered that the islands of the Arctic are among the least hospitable to human life in the world. For years, they endured hunger and extreme cold. Deprived of the right to an education and a childhood, Martha had to help her family survive. Yet she proved as resilient as the other people from her community who appear in the film. Martha of the North is the story of a journey and a childhood spent in a new and unwelcoming land.

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Générique du film

Marquise Lepage
Martha Flaherty
directeur de la photographie
René Sioui Labelle
Poasie Joamie
Chantal Rhéaume
Dominique Champagne
Nancy Gendron
Martha Flaherty
Rynee Flaherty
Mary Flaherty
Peter Flaherty
Larry Audlaluk
John Amagoalik
Dora Padluk
Minnie Killiktee
Myna Kiguktak
Camille Lachance
Pauline Akeeagok
Rose Christensen
Emily Kakkee
Ashley Kalluk
Rita Killiktee
Samantha Killiktee
Annie Mary
Laurrie Noah
Lydia Noah
Jennifer Qaapik
Marquise Lepage
Évangéline De Pas
Martha Flaherty
Julia Bennett
Évangéline De Pas
musique originale
Elisapie Isaac
ingénieur du son
Claude Beaugrand
Lise Wedlock
Luc Boudrias
Hans Laitres
Marcel Simard
producteur associé
Johanne Bergeron
Yves Bisaillon
producteur exécutif
Monique Simard
Marquise Lepage

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