This short documentary is a portrait of Inuit hunter and artist Lypa Pitsiulak, who decided to return to the land several years ago. His goal was to rediscover his culture, teach his family survival skills in the harsh Arctic environment, and pull himself and his family away from the negative influences of white culture. The film portrays his lifestyle, his love for his family, and some of the sources of his artistic inspiration. It also highlights his beautiful prints and sculptures, with their fantastic interweaving of figures from the animal, spirit and human worlds.

Générique du film

Shelagh Mackenzie
Sharon Van Raalte
Kent Martin
Kent Martin
producteur exécutif
Shelagh Mackenzie
Kent Nason
John Martin
montage sonore
Paul Mitcheltree
Hans Peter Strobl
David Paneqyuk
Mary Aitchison
Eric Lemoyne
Roger Lemoyne

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  • JVBurch

    «Superb film....should be given to all Can. Emb abroad.... I have been fortunate to lecture around the world with "Culture on Cloth", under the aegis of DFAIT. Next heading to Whitehorse to lecture. This film is wonderful as it gives a sense of history on the land and combines the art that comes from the relationship of people and the land.» — JVBurch, 15 Jui 2012

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