A Little Fellow from Gambo - The Joey Smallwood Story

This feature-length documentary paints a lively portrait of Father of Confederation and first premier of Newfoundland Joseph Roberts Smallwood, or "Joey," as he is known to most Canadians.

Following one of Canada’s most colourful political figures during a two-and-a-half-month period that included a stormy Liberal leadership convention, the film reveals a man misunderstood even by his close associates.

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Julian Biggs
Julian Biggs
Julian Biggs
Paul Leach
Jacques Drouin
Bud Neate
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Ken Page
George Croll
Michel Descombes
Budd Knapp
Eldon Rathburn


  • Bob3

    «One additional thought related to Joey Smallwood. Autodidactic learning leads to a subjective understanding of the world - one pulls from books those things already important to them. Structured learning forces people to consider the inter-subjective ways of the world. » — Bob3, 24 Jan 2016

  • Bob3

    «In case you’re wondering…. The Stephenville plant was nationalized by the Crosbie government and after $300M was invested, was sold to a paper conglomerate for $45M who converted it to newsprint. It was torn down in 2008. Under indictment by US and Canadian authorities, Smallwood’s buddy Doyle absconded to Panama where he lived out his life. » — Bob3, 24 Jan 2016

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