This short documentary looks at the work of artist Arthur Lismer, a member of the Group of Seven, emphasizing his contribution to art education and to Canadian art. At the Montreal Art Centre we see how children learn the independence of creative self-expression in art.

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Allan Wargon
Allan Wargon
Tom Daly
Robert Humble
Stanley Lambourne
Victor Jobin
Maurice Blackburn

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  • RoxyMoron

    «What a beautiful memory of Lismer! My mother and he were good friends in Montreal, in the 50s, I was around 4-5, we'd visit him at his school at the back of the Museum. Even as he and my mother chatted about art and stuff , Lismer would also get into finger painting with me on paper, sometimes on the wooden floor,it all depended on where the nearest blob of paint was! Lismer, as all the artist called each other only by their last names, was a great adult to know as a child ! <3» — RoxyMoron, 18 Jan 2011

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